Saturday, September 11, 2010

Water bottle covers.

Little Nicki: MOM! My water bottle is SO boring.  All the other girls have cute ones. :-/
September2010 006
Me: Ok! Let’s make a case! I’ll find a remnant.
Nicki: A WHAT?!?
Me: sigh. Some cute fabric to cover your water bottle.
Nicki: But what? but how? but will it? but why can’t I just. but Wal-Mart has. but. but….
Me: (next day after school) See? I made one for Luke. I got you a remnant, too.
September2010 011
Nicki: sigh OK. I’ll have a Toy Story one…(with a defeated tone)
Me: I’ll make you a different one, that you’ll like a lot-with strawberries, ok? See? (showing her the remnant) Like Strawberry Shortcake.
Nicki: (unsure look.) Can I have a play day with my friend?
LaLa: (today) I’m bored. Mom, can I make a water bottle case, too? Like a cute one with a strap like a purse?
Me: Well, there is a Supergirl remnant in the laundry room somewhere…
September2010 010
LaLa: Cute! Can we make one for my friend who’s coming over, too?!
Nicki: Can we make mine now? And can you put thing like Laura’s like a purse on mine, too?
Me: Of course.
September2010 009
Nicki: Oooh!  (Followed by a very long list of all the ways she can carry it to school, store it in different places around her desk/classroom, and use it in her room at bed time)  :-D


  1. ohhhhh! I so wish Kyara and simi could be in the same class. they'd be inseperable I'm sure. we really miss you guys. I can't believe how grown up little Paige is.

    We moved to Idaho! Its great and we are so happy to have a job. Just miss the old WP Ward.

  2. We miss you, too! They would def have so much fun! Idaho! Wow! I'm glad you have what you need, I have cousins in Idaho-last name Record. I wonder if you're nearby...