Friday, September 30, 2011

Conference Candy Jars


conference candy jars 005

When  we hear one of these words spoken, we get to eat a piece of candy from the corresponding jar. We have done a variation of this for a few years-it’s gets fine-tuned a little each time.

This project is as simple as you make it! I just took 5 jars, glued scrapbooking paper strips on to make a label I had the intent of writing the word there. Then I decided I wanted a picture too so I copied and pasted some onto a Word document. Then added some word art on top. I looked around for whatever ribbon, fabric, or yarn I had on hand to tie around the neck to make them  more attractive.

I knew I had succeeded when my little two year-old girl said “oh, that’s cute” all excitedly at the jars (before the candy was even added!). Those tiny little sincere compliments are the best!

My picture leaves something to be desired~ignore that for me.