Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I made each child a pair of pajama pants in a print they’d like. You can’t see JJ’s very well, but they’re all black.
I used this tutorial on instructables.com. It’s SO easy! I had no idea!
december2010 015
Here are LaLa’s close up. Had to change plans with hers and get a little more creative because 1. I didn’t buy enough fabric, so had to do black with zebra accents on the waist and ankle, then 2. They were too small (tried them on her in her sleep, don’t judge, it would’ve sucked if she opened them Christmas eve and they didn’t fit!!) so I had to cut open the side and add the strip of zebra.
 december2010 019
They turned out, but I learned not to use tight fitting jeans as a template.
When this snowman was among the available crafts to make at the Christmas in July activity at church, I KNEW my mom in-law needed to have one for her birthday (Christmas day, but we celebrate Christmas eve) since she likes snowmen. The hard part here was waiting all that time to give it to her! Whoever thought this up was really creative. It was fun to make and super cute.
december2010 039
I had so much fun making this cover/case (whatever you wanna call it!) for my sis in law’s nook. I looked at tons of pictures online and decided that I’d take a chance at making one (stretching my talents).  I got to get really creative designing it, planning it, all that fun stuff.
december2010 038december2010 037december2010 035
Oh, and who says you’ll never use that old bridesmaid’s dress again? Laura and I made these 3 skirts using one dress and it’s matching sash thingy. VERY SIMPLE. Most of the hems and stuff were already there… We even used the extra little scraps to make flowers to embellish the $5 tees ($3.50 for Number5) I picked up a wally world, and $1 store headband Little Nicki wanted.
  december2010 041december2010 043december2010 050december2010 046
Wish I knew how to makes ties…
december2010 067
december2010 057
Maybe next year.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Why I need Photoshop skills…

december2010 083
Because I have kids! We tried to so hard to get this little child to be still (a smile would’ve been nice, too) so we could just get a (as in ONE) good picture!  I have dozens like this these.december2010 082
december2010 080
Pretty much as soon as we gave up….she sat in front of the tree and hammed it up for the camera! She even started saying “mom, you take a picture” with a giggle every time she heard the shutter! ERGHH!
december2010 104
I finally went to “the cloud” (thanks Bri!)
december2010 090 Fuse2
Ahhh, life with Photoshop skills must be heavenly! One day…