Friday, October 22, 2010

Hippie chick!

When LaLa saw hippie stuff (quite costly) at Party City, she thought it was soooo cute. I was sure we make it at home for much cheaper (like free!)
So we totally shredded this stained undershirt of Daddy’s. Then we added some beads, sharpie artwork by LaLa (on the shirt and denim skirt), my moccasins, and some yarn. I did have to buy her the long sleeve shirt (she can use it all winter) and the socks (target clearance $1.40) Oh, and we forgot to put them on for the pic, but we got some cheap peace sign glasses, too.
There you have it! One awesome homemade hippie costume!
October2010 004
The downside (sort-of)? LaLa wants to decorate more clothes!
Now for JJ’s costume-ever seen a really portable -(walking!)-Port-a-John….Ahhhh 12 year-old boys…

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Miss Lightyear. Space Ranger.

Yes, I should’ve been doing HW when I made this, too!
If you’ve ever seen the animated Buzz Lightyear of Star Command movies, you know that there are gazillions of space rangers-Buzz’s partner is actually a princess. So, when Little Nicki was OBVIOUSLY INTERESTED in being a space ranger after she saw her brother’s Buzz costume I saw the perfect opportunity to avoid a chemistry assignment (and/or a floor that needed sweeping, dishes, laundry-you name it!)
To JO~ANN, and beyond! This was my attempt and copying his Disney store Buzz costume  (yay craigslist!) and making it girly for her. Here they are, side by side.
September2010 020 September2010 035
We made velcro arm cuffs that you can't see in the pic and spray painted some thrifted boots white and green before halloween.

Totally easy homemade Jesse costume...

When I should be doing homework I...
I get crazy with the markers!
October2010 022
A Sunday shirt Little Bro has outgrown, a belt that never gets used, a pair of Number 5's jeans, cardboard, a remnant from Little Nicki’s space ranger costume,some sticky back Velcro,  a little magic with red, yellow, black, and brown Sharpies, and….voila! Number 5 will be Jesse for Halloween! (I hope the $1 store still has those cowboy hats, and it’s driving me NUTS that I can’t find her other BOOT!!!)
We also got crazy with markers (and scissors and beads) for LaLa’s costume-pics to come.