Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our little blanky baby

THIS is how you make an 8 year old ex blanky-baby really super happy. I wish I had a picture handy of her with the original blanky Aunt Betty made her when she was born. LaLa was a fussy, even colicky baby. It was a relief when one day~out of frustration, I mean she was obviously tired, why wouldn't she just go to sleep?! Anyway-and don't judge me- I set her down to take a breather and of course she cried harder, so I (gently) tossed the afghan over her. She stopped crying instantly! It took some trial and error the next time, but I soon learned that THAT afghan was the trick. Not just for her to hold it either. It had to be on her face. Good thing it's naturally full of holes! I think that makes it Holy...HaHa! One day soon after, we were at my Grandmother's and she couldn't believe I had it on her face, she insisted it was surely not a good idea! I conceded to her that while she was probably right, it was really, really what LaLa wanted! After a few minutes she again suggested against this practice. So, being obedient, I said, "Alright Grandmother, we'll go ahead and take it off...". INSTANT NON-STOP CRYING followed. To this Grandmother replied "Ew, put it back", and peace was with us once again. LaLa wore out and eventually lost that 'special blanky' in a ball pit. By the end it was really just grey instead of the pretty pink, purple, and white pattern I remember. We have been able to fill the void with blankies I convinced her were just as special, made by her Grandma. But, when in town recently, Aunt Betty offered to make her another. LaLa's eyes lit up and she's looked forward to it's arrival ever since! Well, IT came- in all it's beauty, a brand new Special Blanky! (Thanks Aunt Betty!!)
I bet someone will sleep like a baby tonight!!


  1. Chase was a serious blanky baby too, his was a blue afghan. he had to have his fingers and toes all wrapped thru the holes. he still has it and every now and again i find him snuggled up with it.

  2. Laura TOTALLY did that with her fingers in the holes, too! How funny!